What is LGSF and Advantages & its applications?

By 03/18/2021Blog

The construction industry is moving at a much faster rate with the innovations coming in for both- the planning phase (software and applications) and the execution phase. The conventional method of putting together a building brick by brick is still prevalent but is now being slowly overtaken by modular and prefabrication construction methods. Prefabricated buildings may sound complex and intensive, but this invention is changing the course of traditional construction method one modular building at a time. The technology that prefabrication buildings use is known as Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) which is a steel-framed wall system made of cold-rolled load bearing.

Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) is an innovative and reliable construction material in the world that is strong and allows design flexibility enabling it to be the right choice for construction. This method of construction allows having an increased span, custom openings, curved walls and a variety of external architectural façade treatments; making it a versatile choice of construction material.

How does LGSF forms? The metal comes in sheet rolls which are put through the roll former where it is cut in various lengths and given shapes and sizes that are similar to those in timber frame. The process used strengthens the steel structures; as the original sheet is bent through a series of rollers without being heated i.e. cold formed. During this process that is controlled through computers, the steel is not just rolled but holes are fixed, flanges are located to be punched and the structure is positioned to the exact engineered position which ensures that the panels are to the precise dimensional requirements of the project.

The use of technology in this method of construction has allowed it to offer benefits to the architect, contractor, society, developer and what not. Here are a few advantages and applications of LGSF:

LGSF’s Application:
1. Residential Projects
2. Light Commercial Construction
3. Healthcare & Medical Facilities
4. Bathroom Pods
5. Drywall
6. Solar Panel Mounting
7. Educational Buildings
8. Hospitality
9. Hybrid Construction


1. Superior Construction Material: The steel sheets that form the light gauge steel frames is the construction material that is neither vulnerable to any sort of fungi or organism nor is combustible. This makes it a secure, safe and perfect choice for construction material. Steel is inorganic and so will not rot, warp, crack, or creep and is dimensionally stable, therefore not expanding or contracting with moisture content.

2. Cutting edge technology: It is the future; LGSF is green, environmentally friendly and has energy efficient properties that allow very little waste (negligible) as all the steel is cut to fit exactly.

3. Less pressure on foundations: The steel used is lighter than woods but has more strength which puts lesser pressure on the foundation making it the ideal choice for mansards or extensions, etc. or that penthouse on a flat roof.

4. Speed of Construction: The construction time can be cut down drastically as everything can be prepared at an off-site location just like Lego blocks and even pre-drilled for services.

5. Lesser chances of Human Error: The light gauge steel frame method of construction is carried through the use of computers and technology that cuts, rolls or collaborates all the structure without the use of physical manpower. This reduces the risk of error as there is less or zero human interference.

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