LGSF shines on Post Pandemic

By 04/06/2021Blog

Is it a new era for Light Gauge Steel or has the Pandemic just thrown light on the benefits of this existent technology?

With one of the most extraordinary years, the LGSF industry has ever faced almost behind us, it has surely emerged triumphant from the challenges presented by Covid-19.

As building sites all over the world gradually re-open after lockdown, it’s becoming increasingly clear that construction will look very different post-pandemic. The global public health crisis has confirmed the urgent need for a new way of building homes, offices and public buildings, using smart construction to tackle design problems, inefficiency, outdated techniques, and environmental challenges.

Covid accentuated concerns surrounding close working demands for traditional construction methods and LGSF’s impressive environmental credentials, have all helped to catapult Modern Construction Methods to the top of the construction agenda and most predict this continued growth will be one of the top trends throughout the new year
The benefits of steel being a material that is manufactured offsite in controlled factory conditions is likely to become even more important to developers and designers. Few operatives are needed on-site during a typically short steel erection program so social distancing is not as much of an issue as when other materials are chosen for frames. Selecting a steel-framed building solution is generally a beneficial health and safety choice, as the steel sector’s track record consistently shows.

When one looks at LGSF as an option post-pandemic, we realize that it quite literally is the best way to go as it lessens the curve between what is the idea to a tangible resource desired.
It has been proven LGSF as a technology is more economical and viable in the longer run.

Other advantages include advantages of off-site manufacturing, reusability, recyclability, cost efficiency, and resource efficiency making it one of the most sustainable building methods available today.

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