Is LGSF Structure environmentally friendly?

By 03/18/2021Blog

Light Gauge Steel Frame is a steel structure that helps in supporting the building pre, during and post the construction is completed. LGSF construction methods are highly dominated by conventional designs and methods and are anticipated to take over the market in subsequent years. Steel is an environment-friendly construction material that can be molded in any shape without having an impact on the environment, howsoever. Here are a few reasons why choosing LGSF way of construction will be the perfect choice for our surroundings and environment:

1. Steel frames are recyclable: Unlike other building materials used in construction, steel is fully recyclable. During the demolition of a building, steel frames can be extracted and recycled to create other steel products or new steel framing design.

2. Steel frames reduce site impact: Steel frame structures are quite lightweight which are strong and are known for their design versatility and flexibility. As the steel is light in weight, a steel frame can be easily erected with minimum effort and any impact to the site or people involved in the process. Also, steel frame structures are an ideal choice for flooring systems to erect a building on a difficult piece of land (uneven ground or slopes) without excavating the earth, reducing the impact on the site.

3. No past treatment required for Steel framing: Steel is an inorganic metal that makes it not prone to degradation like timber or other metals which allows it to last for a very long time without any repair or replacement required. Steel framing is 100% termite proof and thus doesn’t require any anti-pest or termite treatment at any time of its lifespan. Not using any treatment also protects our health and the environment from being contaminated by the chemical. For these reasons, steel frames are extremely safe, sustainable and durable.


Light gauge steel framing is an ideal way of construction that can use steel from just a handful of recycled cars or other dumped steel structures. Using steel framed structures can save our nation’s forests and have a positive impact on the environment. Also, the light gauge steel frames are unaffected by temperature or humidity changes. Also, creating a steel structure for construction use lesser energy and thus saving on fuel costs. The lower energy consumption helps to further conserve our natural resources, thus making LGSF structure environment-friendly.

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