How do we rate LGSF in terms of fire resistance?

By 03/18/2021Blog

The construction industry across the world is adopting the light gauge steel frame way of construction for the many benefits it offers- cost-efficient, durable, flexibility, fast construction, and enhanced thermal performance. Currently, only over 30% of the total construction sites are using a light gauge steel frame but this technology is expected to cultivate sales of approximately $51 Billion by 2025.

The light gauge steel frames are designed through a cold-formed process, without the use of heat. In construction, the light gauge structures are formed by lightweight but highly tensile steel sheets. Light gauge steel frames can be used to make a load-bearing wall, non-load bearing wall, roof, multi-story buildings up to 10 stories, car parking buildings, and commercial spaces with a lower level with residential buildings, etc. The use of light gauge steel is high at all these locations for its fire-resistance property. The other benefits of light gauge steel frame in relation to fire safety are as follows:

  • Steel is non-combustible metal and it doesn’t add to the fire load at the time of the fire in the building.
  • The structure can resist fire readily up to a period of 120 minutes.
  • Fire protection for light steel framing is typically provided by the boards used for internal lining, e.g. gypsum-based boards.
  • The amount of combustible material in a light steel-framed building is much lower than in some other forms of construction.
  • Modules and pre-boarded light steel panels are fire protected before delivery to the site.
  • Light steel floors, walls, and modules are easily repairable after small fires.
  • The fire risk during construction is much lower for light steel framing than for some forms of construction.

Thus, one can rate that light gauge steel frames (LGSF) will perform when under high temperatures or fire. The steel frame structures are highly durable and fire-resistant.

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