Why does the world need Prefabricated Homes?

By 03/18/2021Blog

Prefabricated construction is often underestimated as low quality or mass-produced mode of construction, but the reality is the exact opposite. With premium quality and availability of huge budget variants, prefabricated structures are being widely used. The trend is being widely spread, especially in European countries, such as Sweden with 84% houses built using prefabricated elements.

This mode of construction is not just beneficial for the users, but it in fact has great benefits for the environment and surroundings as well. Here are some of the reasons why the world needs prefabricated homes:

Safer Mode of Construction:

The manufacturing of sub-assemblies in factory-controlled systems with dry material reduces any risk associated with moisture, dirt or environmental hazards. This ensures safety to construction site workers and even to the people who will live inside from any weather-related risks.

An indoor manufacturing system minimizes the risks of any accidents or other liabilities. We, at MGI India Pvt. Ltd., follow some strict factory processes to prevent workers from any on-job injury while Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF).

Economically Efficient:

This is one of the most motivating factors for consumers while building their homes prefabricated style. Steel house framing or LGSF may sound like an expensive deal but fortunately, this is not the case.

You get a huge choice of budgets to choose from as per your pocket. Due to mass production, we are capable of offering cost-efficient deals which helps you to trickle down the cost of construction. Also, it would eliminate the possibility of unproductive staff or unreliable contractors.

Environmental Friendly:

No doubt, traditional construction involves use of additional material leading to unnecessary waste. Prefabricated construction solves the problem by recycling the extra material in-house.

Also, the controlled factory environment improves the quality with better construction, tighter joints and improvised air filtration which even leads to energy efficiency.

Offers Flexibility:

Modular Constructions provide you an opportunity to relocate at different sites. This saves you plenty of time and reduces demand for raw material.

Since these light gauge steel framing (LGSF) can be used in multiple shapes, they seamlessly blend-in with any type of building.

Quality Consistency:

The construction process follows a specific set of standards, hence, the structure will be built of a standard high-quality. The traditional constructions are dependent on the skills of the contractor, but the prefabricated home assures you a high-end quality with manufacturing done with experienced workers in a weather resistant-factory. Some parts of the structure are manufactured using precise machinery equipment to ensure conformity to building code.

Saves Time:

Prefabricated construction saves a lot of time when compared to on-site construction (in some cases, even half the time). This is the result of multiple factors like pre-planning, removal of any on-site weather related delays, and quicker and simultaneous fabrication of multiple pieces.

This even leads to a lot of money-saving as well, making prefabricated homes the best choice for you.

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