Top 5 Things to Know About Prefabricated Buildings

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The journey of transformation in the construction industry has begun. The old conventional method of putting together a building brick by brick is now being re-defined by modular construction methods. Prefabricated buildings may sound complex and intensive, but this invention is changing the course of traditional construction method ‘one modular building at a time’.

The arrival of prefabricated construction in India has set a foundation for innovative and technologically advanced construction and design techniques. As of today, prefabricated modular buildings comprise only 1% of the total $100 billion real estate industry in the Indian market. Slowly but surely, the builders are adapting prefabricated construction methods to expand their footprint in the industry. Constructors are venturing into executing all kinds of constructions, which are hard and labor-intensive high-end construction designs, which are high rise, low rise, hospitals, villas, and mass townships.

The government’s decision of allowing 100% FDI in Real Estate has enabled the growth of modular construction. To meet the need for infrastructural development across housing, medical, industrial, retail, sectors, more and more developers will use prefabricated solutions. So, here are the top 5 things you should know about Prefabricated Buildings before you decide to invest in this technology:

  1. Prefabricated Buildings require less time to build:
    Most of the work involved in to bring together a prefabricated building is done at an off-site location, in a factory controlled environment to keep the components aseptic and contamination free. All the planning, controlling, elimination and delays that may hamper the timeline of the plan, are sorted before-hand, keeping in mind all the factors contingent or not.This is one of the most significant benefits of prefabricated building, as opting for modular buildings can reduce the time of establishment up to 50%. In fact, prefabrication takes lesser time than traditional construction methods.
  2. No Hidden Fee is involved:
    The prefabrication building package includes the cost of material, assembling of the material, and establishing the structure on the ground location. While evaluating the total cost, the individual opting for modular healthcare construction may omit the cost involved in clearing the location before establishment and transporting the same. Thus it is crucial to look into the cost structure and then make the final call.
  3. Eco-Friendly:
    With the change in the environment, the number of disasters has also risen. The constant depletion of natural resources and increased pollution are affecting the course of nature. We must start making conscious decisions about our choices. Prefabricated buildings are eco-friendly. They are energy efficient and produce less aerial waste compared to traditional construction.
  4. Always opt for a Trustworthy Manufacturer:
    The mushrooming of prefabricated structures has led to a rapid rise in the number of manufacturers in this industry. One should be careful in choosing a credible manufacturer. You can also check with our experts at MGI Healthcare Construction to know more about medical construction turnkey projects or an existing architectural design.
  5. Prior Construction Planning is Crucial:
    Prior construction planning is crucial to estimate and define the time and cost of a prefab building. It is also necessary because prefab designs are not very flexible in accommodating last-minute changes. So, it is more likely recommended that you ascertain the plan, design, and technique before you start with the construction process.

An analysis of the prefabricated building method suggests that the real estate industry is ready to capitalize on this opportunity, only more attention is required while opting for your expansion partner. Stratus-Steel India is a pioneer in medical engineering groups in India with over 35 years of experience and expertise in light gauge steel framing, cold-rolled sections, drywall construction, roofing solutions, etc. in India.

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