Top 5 Reasons why LGSF Structures last longer

By 03/18/2021Blog

In the early days, the light gauge steel framing was utilized for the construction of large structures like huge buildings, warehouses or garages, but now, this technology has grown immensely and is being used for a wider range of structures including schools, residentials places, offices, factories, and many more.

In this blog, we’ll share the the top 5 reasons why LGSF Structures last longer than any on-site constructed building:

1. Strength and Durability:

The steel house construction process utilizes components which are lighter in weight yet are durable when compared to traditional building material like wood or concrete. According to experts, the weight bearing steel is 30% to 50% lighter than a wooden base.

This ensures that your prefabricated building is far stronger and long-lasting than any other building structures. Also, there is no risk of termite when compared to a wooden structure.

2. Weather Resistance:

Depending on its carbon content, such modular buildings can show amazing moisture resistance. The components are manufactured in a controlled factory environment which enhances the rust resistance making the steel structure even more unsusceptible to the effects of water and environment.

Indeed, even in outrageous climate conditions, light gauge steel frame structures maintain its intensity and durability. The steel framing acts as a defensive agent against almost every weather condition.

3. Fire Resistance:

The prefabricated structures floors are fire resistant as they are made of steel. Such structures are non-flammable which is not possible for a traditional construction style building.

Such abilities can help the building owner to avoid any mishappening during the use of the building which is why an LGSF building is considered to be extremely safer.

4. 100% Termite Proof:

Many buildings face the demolition of the frame due to termite but fortunately, modular buildings are 100% Termite resistant which ensures that there will be no damage caused to your building due to it.

Now you do not have to get regular pest treatments in your house as unlike wooden frameworks, burrowing insects do not have any degrading or harming effects on your steel building.

5. Highly Skilled Labour does the Job:

The manufacturing process is held with designing softwares which ensures that the components of the steel framing are cut to specific lengths and constructed which ensures that the assembly process is much more simpler, instant and accurate.

With such accuracy throughout the construction process, any possibilities of consequences are eliminated, ensuring a long life for the steel house framing.

There are multiple factors behind the constant growth of LGSF buildings over the last couple of years such as durability, sustainability and affordability. And, the above-mentioned reasons explain why the prefabricated buildings are superior in quality and why they last longer over any traditional construction methods.

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