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Know the Process of Building a Prefab Home

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Prefabricated houses are undoubtedly better than on-site construction in almost every sense. These fashionable safe structures are built in a controlled environment by highly skilled professionals, while saving time, money and a lot of other resources for the owners.

A prefabricated house has multiple advantages from being eco-friendly to being pocket-friendly. These are a perfect choice for modern day housing.

If you are planning to build a house of your own or you are just curious to know, this article will take you through the step-by-steps of building a light gauge steel framing (LGSF) or Prefab home:

Step 1: The Idea:

The procedure begins with the mere idea of your future home, and suddenly you’re looking at designs and styles to upgrade your home. But, before taking any further step, keep in mind your family routine and habits.

Also, it’ll be wise to create a rough budget beforehand, as your budget sets the bar for how much you can spend on the various aspects of the house, like floor area, design choices, and more. Once you have done the planning you are all set for the next step.

Step 2: Draft your Prefab Design:

It is time to reach out to a prefab house professional with your sample photos, ideas and your rough budget plan. Involving a prefab builder, like MGI India Pvt. Ltd., in the process will help you maximize your budget:

● The professionals will help you with the best options, requirements, approvals and other necessary paperwork.
● Builders are trained to offer you special solutions which might improvise the functionality of your steel house framing.
● Preliminary designing can be made with ease.
You can do a lot more with a Prefab design if you are new to the prefabricated construction industry.

Step 3: Make an overall Project Budget:

Except for the prefab structures, there is a lot of other work to be done as well. So, it is best to reach out to a trusted prefab house builder who can provide you with all-round support or keep these expenses in mind while drafting your budget:

● Groundwork and Foundation
● Home Structures
● Windows and Doors
● Roof Cover
● Interior Finishes
● Technical Installation
● Construction Site

Step 4: Choose the Manufacturer:

Generally, this process is considered as time-consuming considering the variety of options available in the market. To pick up the best manufacturer of your prefab home:

● Look for some answers to your doubts about prefab houses.
● Contact and Visit some manufacturers to understand their working process.
● Check online Reviews and Testimonials of other customers.

Step 5: Execution:

Once you are done with all the planning and selection, now it is time for execution. This is more of a technical process and commonly takes upto 4 to 12 weeks.

This step requires a lot of designing, visual and communication throughout the site workers and contractors. Do not forget that it is very significant to leave appropriate space for electrical connections, plumbing and other fittings.

Step 6: Prepare the location:

This is the most significant step because this will be the foundation of your next home. Check the site for any issues.

Pay attention to quality and detailing and also keep in mind the related factors while preparing the site and begin with the production accordingly.

Step 7: Assembly:

You do not have to do a lot of work in this process, thanks to the LGSF or steel house construction. The time taken for the assembly process is subject to the size of your house. A single-family modular prefab house is generally assembled within a couple of days.

Step 8: Technical Installation:

Typical installations include plumbing, electricity, ventilation, heating, communications.

Once the structure is up, it is now time for the general contractor to start the process of technical installations. It might take a few weeks for the overall technical job to be finished.

Step 9: Interior Finishing:

This process needs to be done with patience as any rush or carelessness might result in some unpleasant finishing or cracks on the walls. This process will bring up the final vibe of your house.

It might take somewhere from two weeks to a few months which completely depends on the size of your house.

Step 10: Handing Over:

Now you are all set to settle in your new house. With all the steps done and your house approved it is time to call over a few friends and have an amazing housewarming party.

We are here to make the whole process a lot more convenient for you. Just contact Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. and get expert support for your luxury prefab homes India.

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Why does the world need Prefabricated Homes?

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Prefabricated construction is often underestimated as low quality or mass-produced mode of construction, but the reality is the exact opposite. With premium quality and availability of huge budget variants, prefabricated structures are being widely used. The trend is being widely spread, especially in European countries, such as Sweden with 84% houses built using prefabricated elements.

This mode of construction is not just beneficial for the users, but it in fact has great benefits for the environment and surroundings as well. Here are some of the reasons why the world needs prefabricated homes:

Safer Mode of Construction:

The manufacturing of sub-assemblies in factory-controlled systems with dry material reduces any risk associated with moisture, dirt or environmental hazards. This ensures safety to construction site workers and even to the people who will live inside from any weather-related risks.

An indoor manufacturing system minimizes the risks of any accidents or other liabilities. We, at MGI India Pvt. Ltd., follow some strict factory processes to prevent workers from any on-job injury while Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF).

Economically Efficient:

This is one of the most motivating factors for consumers while building their homes prefabricated style. Steel house framing or LGSF may sound like an expensive deal but fortunately, this is not the case.

You get a huge choice of budgets to choose from as per your pocket. Due to mass production, we are capable of offering cost-efficient deals which helps you to trickle down the cost of construction. Also, it would eliminate the possibility of unproductive staff or unreliable contractors.

Environmental Friendly:

No doubt, traditional construction involves use of additional material leading to unnecessary waste. Prefabricated construction solves the problem by recycling the extra material in-house.

Also, the controlled factory environment improves the quality with better construction, tighter joints and improvised air filtration which even leads to energy efficiency.

Offers Flexibility:

Modular Constructions provide you an opportunity to relocate at different sites. This saves you plenty of time and reduces demand for raw material.

Since these light gauge steel framing (LGSF) can be used in multiple shapes, they seamlessly blend-in with any type of building.

Quality Consistency:

The construction process follows a specific set of standards, hence, the structure will be built of a standard high-quality. The traditional constructions are dependent on the skills of the contractor, but the prefabricated home assures you a high-end quality with manufacturing done with experienced workers in a weather resistant-factory. Some parts of the structure are manufactured using precise machinery equipment to ensure conformity to building code.

Saves Time:

Prefabricated construction saves a lot of time when compared to on-site construction (in some cases, even half the time). This is the result of multiple factors like pre-planning, removal of any on-site weather related delays, and quicker and simultaneous fabrication of multiple pieces.

This even leads to a lot of money-saving as well, making prefabricated homes the best choice for you.

If you are looking for the most efficient luxury prefab homes in India, contact us at Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. as we specialize in offering modular housing and prefabricated home solutions to our customers.

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Prefabricated Structures: Role in Commercial Buildings

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Prefabricated structures are based on off-site and modular construction. Thanks to its multiple advantages, these LGSF structures have been a buzz worthy trend for the last few years.

If you are struggling to decide if you should jump on to the trend or not, follow along and we will share with you ample reasons to invest in this prefabrication technology. But, before that, for those who don’t really know what a prefabrication process is, here is a simple way to understand it:

ECHO tape defines prefabrication as the process of making a building or its components in a different location, one which is specially designed for construction.

Once the manufacturing process is done, the building is transported to the final site, where the setup assembly is done and the building is handed over to the actual owner.

These Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) has already come a long way in the residential building sphere especially when it comes to the European countries. And, LGSF is also the wise choice for the companies looking to grow and compete in the market as the on-site construction makes the construction process quick, cheap and easy. So here are some benefits of prefabricated construction in commercial buildings:

Improvise Safety and Security: Since these buildings are manufactured under controlled environments in factories, it reduces risks for damage and injuries for the labour.

Also, the buildings directly arrive in large parts, there is no possibility for on-site material theft or any wastage.

Cost Efficiency: The off-site constructions are a much more cost-effective solution for businesses keeping in mind the reduced time of on-site work, and labor requirements.

Choosing the steel house construction is a great way for cost-cutting for any business while ensuring the best quality as all the structures are built under a controlled environment with regular quality checks to ensure the best quality for your office building.

Diminish the Labour Shortage Problem: Finding labour is an ever-growing problem faced by most contractors, which might lead to expensive labour in some cases. LGSF can solve the issue, since all the components are manufactured in the factory; it reduces the need for on-site labour.

This also improves the productivity of the labour leading to speeding up the construction process and more efficient construction.

Save Time: A prefabricated building can go up as much as 50% faster than traditional on-site construction, taking a project from conception to completion quickly and easily.

Since the components are built in a factory environment, it eliminates the chances of any weather related delays. When you’re racing against a stormy season, time is of the substance and light gauge steel frame construction can assist you with keeping up more tight timetables.

In case you are planning to opt for a prefabricated building for your business, we would recommend you to connect with Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. because as the leading provider of modular construction, we can provide you with exclusive support in your off-site constructions at the most affordable prices.

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How can you build a prefabricated building with Zero mistakes?

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Prefabricated buildings are one of the smartest solutions for all the construction needs in today’s time. In the prefabricated construction method, all the modular structures are manufactured within the controlled factory environment which ensures maximum saving of time, money, efforts and other resources.

Although, the concept of light gauge steel framing might seem a bit unfamiliar but following the below mentioned tips will help you build a prefabricated building with zero mistakes:

  1. Begin with an Effective Plan:

    The process of modular construction begins with the mere idea; ensure that you pay close attention to your needs and expectations with this new building and choose from options which seem a bit similar to your current home unless you are looking for an entire change of the infrastructure.

    Once you have a basic idea of your building requirements, it is wise to create a rough budget plan for the construction. This budget plan will come handy while executing the later process. Experts suggest that pre-planning can help you eliminate any delays in the future.

  2. Acknowledge Problems:

    In order to effectively deal with any issues during the construction of an LGSF building, the best approach is to find out the resolution is to reach out to the roots of the problem.

    For example: If you face some problem during construction due to the poor quality of raw materials, you need to instantly stop the usage of such raw material throughout the construction site and work on improving the quality and then move further.

    It would be even better to document such instances which will help you eliminate the repetition of such mistakes in the future and improve efficiency.

  3. Establish an Appropriate Repair Schedule:

    To ensure that every situation during a construction is addressed efficiently, we would suggest you to connect with the project teams and establish an appropriate repair plan to address the everyday issues during construction of the prefabricated structures.

    This repair schedule will help you to keep a quality check on your construction site on a regular basis because many times such repairs need the attention of plumbers, electricians or contractors.

  4. Prepare your Construction Site & Production:

    Before the construction begins, prepare the construction site in the presence of your builder. Remember that this is the foundation of your building. Ensure that this site is free from any issues and pay close attention to the quality, detailing and the other related aspects.

    This is a quick step but is very significant and decides the quality and strength of your future building.

During the construction of luxury prefab homes India, the best decision is to reach out to expert Prefab House builders who can help you to ensure a lot of money and resource saving, supreme quality construction and will answer all your questions regarding the structure.

Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. have years of experience in prefabricated building and work with you to provide efficient support throughout the process of construction. Get in touch to receive exceptional support in the LGSF construction.

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Top 5 Reasons why LGSF Structures last longer

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In the early days, the light gauge steel framing was utilized for the construction of large structures like huge buildings, warehouses or garages, but now, this technology has grown immensely and is being used for a wider range of structures including schools, residentials places, offices, factories, and many more.

In this blog, we’ll share the the top 5 reasons why LGSF Structures last longer than any on-site constructed building:

1. Strength and Durability:

The steel house construction process utilizes components which are lighter in weight yet are durable when compared to traditional building material like wood or concrete. According to experts, the weight bearing steel is 30% to 50% lighter than a wooden base.

This ensures that your prefabricated building is far stronger and long-lasting than any other building structures. Also, there is no risk of termite when compared to a wooden structure.

2. Weather Resistance:

Depending on its carbon content, such modular buildings can show amazing moisture resistance. The components are manufactured in a controlled factory environment which enhances the rust resistance making the steel structure even more unsusceptible to the effects of water and environment.

Indeed, even in outrageous climate conditions, light gauge steel frame structures maintain its intensity and durability. The steel framing acts as a defensive agent against almost every weather condition.

3. Fire Resistance:

The prefabricated structures floors are fire resistant as they are made of steel. Such structures are non-flammable which is not possible for a traditional construction style building.

Such abilities can help the building owner to avoid any mishappening during the use of the building which is why an LGSF building is considered to be extremely safer.

4. 100% Termite Proof:

Many buildings face the demolition of the frame due to termite but fortunately, modular buildings are 100% Termite resistant which ensures that there will be no damage caused to your building due to it.

Now you do not have to get regular pest treatments in your house as unlike wooden frameworks, burrowing insects do not have any degrading or harming effects on your steel building.

5. Highly Skilled Labour does the Job:

The manufacturing process is held with designing softwares which ensures that the components of the steel framing are cut to specific lengths and constructed which ensures that the assembly process is much more simpler, instant and accurate.

With such accuracy throughout the construction process, any possibilities of consequences are eliminated, ensuring a long life for the steel house framing.

There are multiple factors behind the constant growth of LGSF buildings over the last couple of years such as durability, sustainability and affordability. And, the above-mentioned reasons explain why the prefabricated buildings are superior in quality and why they last longer over any traditional construction methods.

Still confused in choosing LGSF for your building? Contact Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. and we will take you through the process and help you in the construction of a superior quality building which is guaranteed to last longer than any traditional construction.

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How Wall, Floor and Roof System Work in LGSF?

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LGSF has come a long way and is being widely used all across the world because of its numerous advantages which are both functional and fundamental. Some of the benefits of these light gauge steel framing include the reduced need for material, improved quality and decreased on-site work while enhancing the safety of the workers.

The functioning of such buildings are quite different from the traditional construction buildings, so this article will help you to understand the working of the Wall system, Roof system & Floor System of an LGSF:

Wall System in LGSF:

The steel sections in the prefabricated buildings are cold-formed, which means they are bent or brought in shape at room temperature. These structures are built with the use of steel called mild steel which is known to be extremely sturdy in nature.

Some wall system structures used in light gauge steel framing are:

  • Load Bearing Walls: These structures hold the upright loads of construction above or oblique roads safeguarding from the wind. Sometimes racking resistance is required, and it can be in the form of bracing straps or sheets.
  • Non-Load Bearing Walls: These wall structures do not have to bear any truss loads as they are internal, and wall frame angle lintels are not important for openings.
  • Wall Cladding and Partitions
  • Wall details and Connections

Roof System In LGSF:

For a sturdy home, it is necessary to have a strong base and a closed roof system that does not fall off with the wind. LGSF structures are steel systems that support the house still and offer durability. Some roof system structures:

C75 and C100: Steel roof framing systems are appropriate for all sorts of roof designs such as gable, hip, dable, dutch which can be screwed directly into the wall frame. To put that together, the roof system typically consists of C75 and C100 sections.

The roof system in LGSF can be used in industrial, residential and also the airport terminals, as these structures are making an exceptional dent in the construction industry with its usage capabilities.

There is minimum or no wastage involved in LGSF construction method, and if we look at it from the environmental aspect, these structures have the least impact on the environment.

Another advantage of having an LGSF roof is that it can be transported easily and then assembled on site. These structures are fire-resistant and durable.

Flooring System In LGSF:

With an LGSF floor system, site owners can stay protected from all sorts of damage while creating a strong base for the building to stand tall on. The cold-formed steel structures also offer cost efficiency, construction proficiency and also protect the building from any damage.

Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. are top light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India. Apart from offering the best quality material, MGI also boasts of its designing capabilities and beyond. Get in touch today to understand your requirements and make a plan to build a residential or commercial building using the latest LGSF methods.

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What is the Significance of LGSF?

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Used increasing across the USA, Australia and New Zealand, light gauge steel framing structures are also being heavily introduced in developing countries such as India. With the advancements in technology, the construction is growing and improving progressively. The benefits that come along with the changing technology has encouraged the light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India to pursue and push the construction method increasingly amongst commercial, industrial, offices and medical construction. Why so?

What is the significance of light gauge steel frame construction?

    • Lower Construction Costs: The cost to set up a light gauge steel frame structure is quite low if we look at the expenditure on various factors involved such as:

      a) Duration of construction- Wall and roof frames are pre-assembled in the factory to minimise erection time on the site.

b) Labour cost- Due to the reduction in time, the labour cost also reduces.

c) Maintenance- As the LGSF structures are made to last longer, the construction cost over the years reduces to minimal, and you receive only high-quality experience.

  • Enhanced Construction Time: Building up process is very quick and independent from weather conditions in steel construction, as concrete is not needed except for the foundation and subbasement. This allows a decrease in the need for capital and in the construction costs. Assembling of a 200 m2 house can be completed in only 7 days.
  • Better Safety Performance: As the traditional construction is done with brick and mortar, the weight of the building increases, whereas Steel buildings are 5 times lighter than reinforced concrete buildings. Steel absorbs most of the earthquake energy and saves you and your belongings. And, the most important precaution against an earthquake is to reduce the load of the building. Thus, better safety performance.
  • Lightening-proof: Unlike other load-bearing systems, steel construction isn’t dangerous in terms of lightning as the protection system goes into the land decreasing the risks of explosion, small-sized fires and injuries.
  • Stands against time: The complete construction is done with galvanized construction steel which doesn’t corrode. Also, LGSF structures are engineered to withstand any climate, and the steel structure is guaranteed for 100 years. Thus, light gauge steel frames are made to last longer!
  • Preserves our environment: Almost 70% of the building material can be reused, which means the LGSF construction method is environmentally friendly, and it preserves our environment.
  • Steel house construction can be used in different types of projects: With light gauge steel framing, several architectural designs can be brought to life due to enhanced flexibility and accessibility. Any project that the partner is interested in can be erected with the right planning and execution and light gauge structures.

Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the top light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India. Apart from offering the best quality material, MGI also boasts of its designing capabilities and beyond. Get in touch today to understand your requirements and make a plan to build a residential or commercial building using the latest LGSF methods.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Luxury Prefab Homes

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In the last couple of years, light gauge steel frame construction has been a common name in the construction industry across the world, especially for hospitals, steel house construction, rapid construction and beyond. Steel structures are no more a stranger to us, and if we look in every corner of our life, you’ll find steel structures.

So, if you are here looking for some FAQs related to luxury prefab homes in India, you’re at the right place:

How is a modular home assembled?

A factory-manufactured home begins as segments that have been built in a climate-controlled zone. The completed areas are shipped to the sites and afterwards amassed with cranes. Building and assembling a light gauge steel frame structures is like a kid putting together Lego blocks to make sense.

In the event that you are planning to build your own house, it’s critical to ask questions about the home, as every maker works under an alternate set of guidelines. Steel constructed homes offer many customized highlights that incorporate (yet are not restricted to) clay floors, strong surface ledges, different cupboard styles and wood species, outside gets done with, plumbing installations, and so on. You can basically tweak your home as you want with LGSF construction.

Why should I own a prefab home? What are the benefits?

Prefabricated homes can be more moderate than site-fabricated homes. Their short time to build will help you save a lot of money in the overall construction process. Home investigations are not required, as these are totally done in the manufacturing plant.

Prefab homes are considerably more energy-effective, so your month to month costs will be significantly less. They likewise are ecologically agreeable. There are incredible assortments of homes from which to pick, and numerous architects spend significant time in planning particular homes.

Are light gauge steel frame villas durable? Do they last long?

Whether the house is steady or not, it is mostly reflected by the long life of the house, the safety performance during earthquakes or other natural disasters. Traditional block and concrete structures are workmanship structures and inflexible associations, which can’t withstand the tremor, hurricane and different natural disasters.

As the steel structures are lightweight and sturdier than brick mortar houses, they are more capable of withstanding any disasters.

Are LGSF homes environmental friendly over traditional homes?

Light steel structures are green natural homes, not the same as brick, and concrete. The light steel structure estate is a green cycle building, 90% of the structure materials can be reused. Enormously reduce waste and carbon emissions, contrasted and the extensive social advantages of conventional structures.

Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the top light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India. Apart from offering the best quality material, MGI also boasts of its designing capabilities and beyond. Get in touch today to understand your requirements and make a plan to build a residential or commercial building using the latest LGSF methods.

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Why Choose LGSF when planning Rapid Construction?

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What might be better for a reasonable customer when an excellent, high-quality structure is offered in comparatively less time while being pocket friendly? All things considered, that isn’t a fantasy anymore. Light gauge steel frame construction has demonstrated to turn all your dreams into a reality. LGSF construction technology offers steel structures that are light in weight without settling on quality.

Light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India such as MGI India Pvt. Ltd. have been offering well-designed, precise and meticulous LGSF structures using the latest technology to cater to the growing requirements of the construction industry. The shift towards steel construction, whether for a house, commercial complex, or an 11-storey building, has offered competitive advantages of speed maximization and waste maximization.

With the changing construction needs, the technology is advancing to cater to the market. The LGSF technology supported with design frame CAD software is being used to design the structure and develop the building. These methods are being effectively used to create a single storey or multi-storey light gauge steel frames scale housing developments and delivering projects. The structures are fully optimized using patented technology, to provide a smart lean production process.

Apart from providing accuracy, the LGSF technology help catering to the rapid construction needs, especially during these pandemic times – for construction of residential, commercial, Schools, Health Centres, Community centres, Independent houses or rehabilitation buildings.

LGSF buildings are almost 1/3rd the weight and double the speed that conventional methods of construction. In case of emergencies, as posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the LGSF construction has offered unique, customized solutions without a steep timeline.

Here are top reasons why you must choose light gauge steel construction when planning rapid construction, pandemic or no pandemic:

  • The top advantage of LGSF is that it offers lesser time to assemble and erect the structure on-site.
  • There is no room for error as all the steel structures have pre-holes made, and all steel parts are leveled and labeled to avoid any confusion.
  • The structures can be entirely recycled and most of the material can be used again to develop structures as per the changing needs.
  • LGSF buildings offer good resistance against seismic actions since they are made of lightweight flexible material.
  • These structures are environment-friendly as they produce less amount of pollution during manufacturing and erection of the structure.
  • The skeleton of the structures are built with LGSF, however, the building can be finished with any specification so it can be utilized for any type of specification.
  • The erection of LGSF is so simple and fast, and hence, light equipment is enough and no major need to picking and lifting machinery, which makes it perfect during rapid construction.

Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the top light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India. Apart from offering the best quality material, MGI also boasts of its designing capabilities and beyond. Get in touch today to understand your requirements and make a plan to build a residential or commercial building using the latest LGSF methods.

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Evolution of LGSF Construction in India

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Prefabrication is a construction technique where the building is assembled by multiple pieces, manufactured in a factory-controlled environment, and then transported to the construction site for final assembly. In any light gauge steel frame building, structure, or facility, the prefabricated components are designed for every portion separately, including the windows, wall panels, rooftops, and even staircase.

For some people, light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India might seem like a new concept, but it has been successfully used in different parts of the world since World War II on quite a large scale. Some of the finest examples of the prefabricated building are Burj Khalifa and the Sydney Opera House.

Surprisingly, India is coming up as the second-fastest developing economy globally, and one of the major industries supporting this growth is construction. The leading builders and construction agencies are adopting Light Gauge Steel Construction.

Market Research Analysis

According to a recent study, prefabricated steel construction covers only 2% of the overall Indian real estate market that sums up to about $150 billion. However, industry experts claim that the boom is yet to come for the prefabrication construction method in India and several other neighbouring countries.

There are many reasons behind this prediction, some of these reasons are:

  • This method of construction is much cheaper than traditional construction techniques.
  • The prefabrication methods are much faster than other construction styles.
  • LGSF is an environmentally friendly construction solution.
  • Modular construction can easily reduce the demand for raw materials, minimizes expended energy, and decreases overall project time.
  • Each sub-assembly is built by an experienced crew in a weather-resistant factory, with multiple quality checks throughout the entire process.
  • Strict factory processes and procedures that protect the worker from on-the-job injuries.

Thanks to the rising demand for LGSF structures, several extremely reliable suppliers of light gauge steel frame construction services have entered the market and are dedicatedly working towards providing professional support and construction solutions to the users across the country.

Future of Prefabrication:

LGSF is amongst the latest construction concepts that have taken the market by storm, but yet there are various misconceptions about the prefab structures. Many builders feel that these are of lower quality than the traditional building structures, but as the market is evolving, the market is getting ready to accept this methodology, and the public reputation is changing.

Currently, the primary users of the LGSF structures are corporations, but with time these prefab structures are slowly and steadily finding their way into residential real estate.

Hence, there is an immediate need to create more awareness among the common people, popularise the concept and extensively adopt prefabricated structures to increase the efficiency, quality, and speed of construction, while reducing cost and additional efforts.

Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the top light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India. Apart from offering the best quality material, MGI also boasts of its designing capabilities and beyond. So, if you are looking for the most efficient luxury prefab homes in India, get in touch today to share your requirements to design a residential or commercial building using the latest LGSF methods, as per your needs.

Contact us at or +91-9540996717, as we specialize in offering modular housing and prefabricated home solutions to our customers.