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December 2020

Why Prefabricated Construction is the Ideal Choice for Affordable Homes?

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Homes are where we feel safe, where we spend the maximum time of our lives, and so today, thinking green has become quite imperative for smart, sustainable and affordable living. Prefabricated homes are gaining popularity for multiple reasons from affordable living to adding flexibility and portability, from being environmentally friendly to have a longer life of the structure. The reliability and portability factor of prefabricated homes have added to their growing popularity, as people keep switching cities in search for better living quality and more. Further, prefab construction is also becoming the ideal choice for affordable homes as the real estate landscape in India is undergoing unprecedented changes due to the Coronavirus pandemic, shortage of skilled labor, cost-effective raw material and more.

As the leading light gauge steel framing manufacturers in India, we at MGI India Pvt. Ltd. will share a few reasons why must people choose to build their homes with prefabrication methods to not just save on construction cost but to also support efficient living. Help conserve energy, fuel resources, water and more Light gauge steel framing homes are eco-friendly for they require minimum resources to build strong structures that can stand against the test of time. They do not use much fuel or any other resource and are extremely energy efficient. Helping save a lot on raw materials during construction!

Factory built homes – helps avoid pollution. Traditional homes are built with brick and mortar and require gallons of water during the erection of the house, whereas prefab homes are factory built in closed indoor spaces. Brick and mortar homes produce a lot of dust that gets dissolved in the surrounding air, which is harmful or the health of people living nearby, whereas LGSF construction happens in a controlled space, hence no pollution.

The right solution for the times to come, Affordability and reliability are two factors that most home purchasers are thinking about while buying a home or while building one. Cost and labor are also among crucial factors when the Indian real estate sector is going through a steep curve. Additionally, the prices of raw materials utilized are likewise on a record-breaking high, making it outlandish for everyday people to get outstanding quality highlights at a reasonable cost. However, prefab innovation is revolutionizing the construction industry, guaranteeing that home buyers get cost-effective solutions while conserving the natural resources.


If you are looking to buy prefab homes in India, it is best to rely on LGSF construction or constructed homes to reduce costs and promote sustainability and offer the best returns. With LGSF buildings, you get access to the best-in-class features, impressive architectural designs, save on construction cost and raw material, and so it is an ideal choice for anyone who is protective of the environment and looking for a pocket-friendly solution.

Stratus-Steel India Pvt. Ltd. is amongst the leading Steel house framing and modular operation theatre manufacturers in India. Apart from offering the best quality material, MGI also boasts of its designing capabilities and beyond. Get in touch today to understand your requirements and make a plan to build your modular operation theatre!

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